Integres is a tool developed in collaboration with Varian Medical Systems for integrating all of the relevant patient data automatically from the Aria database, Eclipse treatment planning system, and DICOM services into one data package for participating in Varian sponsored clinical trials. In a few clicks, Integres can generate a complex patient data composition which would otherwise be very tedious to create.


Smart Search

Quickly find patient cases for specific treatment techniques related to the participating clinical trial.


Identity Managment

Integres creates and manages clinical trial subject identifiers and maintains a map to original patients. This convenient map is stored on the local installation.


Automation Cloud Upload

With one click, the relevant clinical trial data is organized into registry data forms and automatically uploaded to Medrio

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DICOMAnon Integration

World-class anonymization suite is installed with Integres. Relevant patient files are remapped to clinical study IDs and exported to local file storage.

Clinical Trials License

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  • Automated data extraction
  • Medrio Link
  • DICOMAnon Integration
  • Smart Search
  • Identity Mapping